We created server like Mindcrack or Hermitcraft (where play popular MC youtuber like Etho, Docm77, BdoubleO100, ImpulseSV, Iskall85, Keralis, Mumbo Jumbo, TangoTek, VintageBeef, XisumaVoid and others). Our basic idea is create nice and friendly community of players who enjoy playing minecraft like on this youtube servers.

JowLand server is whitelisted vanilla based server. We are trying to stick with vanilla principes with added fun factors. We want challenge you for with nice reward, but we are careful, we still want keep with vanilla basics.

To keep you enjoying game, we added some other things like quests, vendors, hidden chests, events, and more.

We prepared quite big spawn for you with many secrets and hidden things. We hid there over 50 loot chests with some nice reward. Bigger secret is bigger reward! Chests have respawn according to find difficulty.

We prepared daily challenges for you! Every day you can complete some challenge for reward. Every day!

And more will be added soon!