By playing on Jowland, you agree with its rules and you agree to follow them. To pass the whitelist test you have to know these rules.

General rules:

Be friendly and nice
Keep nature look nice
Use english in general chats
Enjoy the game and bring your friends too!


Do not steal or grief – we don’t use residences or similar plugins, but we have a way to find players violating this rule.
Using someones farm for food and planting back is not taken as stealing, but try to ask for permission first.
Do not cheat or use cheating mods like flying or xray.
Do not loot chests you don’t own. Unless, you have a permission from the owner or it’s a public chest.
Do not enter any structure, obviously built by some other player, without her/his permission.
Do not build too close to other players.
Do not build 1×1 pillars without purpose.
Do not dig 1×1 hole, if you need to, please cover it or mark it with sign or fence.
Cutting trees – cut all the wood, plant sapling, let the leaves drop.
Keep nature and map nice, if creeper explodes, please repair hole. We don’t want nature to look ugly.
If you want to mine large amount of sand, head to the Sand Quarry.
Player events like death games, head games and any are allowed.
Player spawn is set on bed after right clicking or default on server spawn. Bed spawn point is changed back to server spawn after breaking bed.
Do not overbreed animals, it can cause server lags.

Chat and discord

Use english in common discussion and with talking to admin team.
Be nice to other players, we will not tolerate offensive language. just don’t be rude.
Do not spam chat.
If you want post link or something, use discord and channel for this kind of content.


We have PVP turned on, but killing is not allowed, unless players agree to duel or players are participants in PVP game/event.

Server building and custom items

We have our own server resource pack, please use it. It’s adding textures for our custom items like “Scroll of teleportation”. You can still use your favourite resource packs along with ours.
On spawn he have permanent night for better looks. You can loot every chest you find there.
There are many hidden chests throughout the spawn (quality of the loot depends how difficult is to find the chest). Chests have respawn timers, only one player can loot the chest.
Players cannot use commands to teleport, they can use nether transportation via CNW to travel over long distances. You can teleport only to spawn with a Scroll of Teleportation.
Scroll of Teleportation – you can buy it from vendor, or find in loot chest. You can sell it too!
Mobs and players drop their heads!


You can find a vendor on spawn, selling Scroll of Teleportation or Villager spawn egg.
Players can have their own shop by buying Villager spawn egg on spawn.
Player shops can be placed in their homes or in place designated for it.
Shop tutorial HERE

Central nether ways (CNW)

We have built central nether hub, in its center is portal to spawn. Hub has 4 ways, each way in every world direction (east, west, north, south), these are central nether ways (CNW).
Every player can connect their own portal to CNW in direction he/she lives.
You can build your own way between portal and CNW in your own design, just don’t change main design of CNW.


Overworld – main survival world is limited with world border, you can see it on our dynamic map.
– we will not provide world seed, you can see everything on dynmap
Nether – you can do almost whatever you want here, just dont damage CNW. No borders here.
End – you can do whatever you want here, if things go too wrong, we will reset End.


Locking (LWC)
We are using LWC plugin to lock chests, but chests are not automatically locked
/lock – to lock your chest and other things
/unlock – to unlock your locket things
/cmodify NICK – you can give permissions to your friend to use your locked chests
/cpublic – make chest public, but only owner can destroy it
/cpassword – creates password for chest
/lwc – for more commands

/w NICK message – whisper to other players, only he can see items
/r message – answer to whisper
/mail NICK message – you can send ingame email to other player, for example if he is offline
/mail read – read your mails
/ignore NICK – ignore the player

Other commands
/vote – for each vote you get a point, XP and 30$ (used in slot machine on spawn). You can vote up to 3 times every day. You can spend your points in a voteshop.
/voteshop – see what you can buy for our vote points
/help – see your commands
/suicide – you need more info? 😉
/quest cancel – cancel your daily challenge – you will get new next day
/money – shows how much money you have (you can use money for slot machine on spawn and get items)

Nether Portal calculation
/trigger nc_inNether – usage in Nether, calculated coord are coords in normal world for your portal
/trigger nc_inOverworld – usage in Overworld (normal world), calculated coord are coords in nether for your portal

Support, help, punishments

If you need help, you can contact us ingame or via discord.
If you find a bug, please report it. Abusing bugs we will considered as cheating.
You can ask other players too. Be aware of trolls tho.
For rude or offensice language you will be muted after a warning.
Stealing or griefing you will get you banned. Before punishment, we will discuss the reasoning behind the rule violation. Depending on the severity of the violation, we may ban or even permaban a player.
If you get banned, your name will be displayed in #banlist on our Discord. If you think, you have been unjustly punished, you can ask the owner to review your case. However, his desicion is final.


You can donate money to support the server if you like. See donation tab in menu for further info.
As reward, you will get ingame prefix, discord role and few items. (list of items in donation tab again)
Donating is completely voluntary and it won’t give you any advantage (at least not a major one) over other players.


MVP is a title rewarded to players helping with events, building or even helping players. It is essentialy a stepping stone to become a “helper” (That is if an admin decides to offer the possion and player accepts it.).
MVPs will recieve a special rank ingame and on discord.
Players, who are offered the rank of “MVP”, can refuse it or renounce it at any time they wish.

Content creator

Prefix [CC] is given to players, who creates youtube/stream or other type of content connected to our server. Title is only cosmetic, no benefits.
You can ask of this title.